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The articles in this issue areabout many kinds of motion, from the sojourns of Cambodian dancers in 1906 France to the stuttering flicker of early silent film, and from the rise and fall of Brazilian hot air balloons to the travels of baby teeth earnestly dispatched by St. Louis schoolchildren in the name of Science.

Chapter 1: Humans in Motion

Chapter 2: Objects in Motion

Chapter 3: Ideas in Motion

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The Appendix is a quarterly journal of experimental and narrative history, soliciting articles from historians, writers, and artists committed to good storytelling, with an eye for the strange and a suspicion of both jargon and traditional narratives.

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Calypso's Island: A Short History of the Apocalypse
By Benjamin Breen

The word "Apocalypse" can mean both "an uncovering" and "an ending." Benjamin Breen explores the ambiguous history of what apocalypse means, and how it has been survived, from the fall of Ur in 2000 BCE Mesopotamia to the Heaven's Gate cult in 1990s California.

Originally Appeared in… The End? Volume 1. Issue 1. December 2012

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