Emir O. Filipović

I work as a teaching and research assistant at the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m currently writing my PhD thesis about the relations between the Bosnian Kingdom and the Ottoman Empire from 1386 to 1463. My research interest is focused on the history of Bosnia in the late Middle Ages, with special emphasis on chivalry, heraldry, and courtly culture.

I am also the co-ordinator of Stanak – the Society for the Study of Medieval Bosnian History.

In short, I am a father, husband, medievalist and a fan of Arsenal F.C..

Blog Posts

  • Of cats and manuscripts

    An historian of medieval Bosnia writes about his discovery of a fifteenth-century manuscript marred by the inky paws of a renegade cat that offered a brush with Internet fame, and about the less heralded joys of archival discovery.

    Published March 5, 2013