Volume 2 (2014)

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    In Motion

    There can be no sense of history without a sense of movement.

  • Issue-2-3

    Futures of the Past

    How have past generations imagined their collective futures—and how do we?

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    It is very easy for history to float away into abstractions; but it is far harder for it to do so when we remember that history, no matter what, happens to bodies.

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    Digging may seem like the simple act of moving dirt, but it has deep resonances.

Volume 1 (2012-2013)

  • Issue-_4-cover

    Off the Map

    Our “Off the Map” issue explores a geography of absence and hidden traces.

  • Issue-_3-cover

    Out Loud

    Not all of the pieces in this “Out Loud?” will harmonize, but maybe that’s the point: there’s as much to learn in cacophony as in melody.

  • Issue-_2-cover


    In creating and tracing illusions, we risk being caught ourselves.

  • Issue-_1-cover

    The End?

    The Appendix sprang from a simple idea: a lot of what makes the past fascinating, human, and relevant ends up on history’s cutting room floor.