The Appendix Opens to Subscribers

Today’s a big milestone here at The Appendix. After almost four years of talking about the sort of history journal that we’d be excited to read, and five months of hard work making that excitement a reality, we’re ready to open the door for our most important contributor yet: you.

As of this afternoon, The Appendix is ready to take subscriptions. You’ve probably read elsewhere on the site about how The Appendix is a journal of narrative and experimental history released four times a year, and that web visitors on the web will be able to read its content as it is released over the course of each quarter. What a subscription offers, though, is the ability to download each of the four yearly issues in a variety of eBook formats on the day it’s released, while non-subscribers must wait as we progressively release the articles, Field Notes from the archives, fiction, and other content over the following three months. For our first issue, “The End?”, that means getting to read our inaugural interview, with Adam Hochschild, the author of King Leopold’s Ghost, on Dec. 21, or soon after, rather than in February when it will be released online. You’ll continue to have early access to all future issues, such as Issue #2 “Illusions,” coming April 1, and Issue #3 “Out Loud,” coming July 1. You can find the Subscribe link at the top of the page.

The money from subscriptions will help us cover our current costs—start-up fees, web server hosting—and move us closer to our long-term goals of compensating contributors for their content, and getting The Appendix closer to print. For $32 a year, or $10 per quarter, you can help us make that happen.

So thanks for reading, and we hope you join up. We’ve got marvels to share.