The Appendix Makes a Great Last-Minute Gift

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It’s been a big first year for us, and we appreciate your support for our project of creating a venue for rigorous, experimental, and engaging history online. We’re looking forward to publishing our first anniversary issue this January and are thankful you’re here to celebrate that milestone with us.

At the moment, though, we’re in the middle of the holiday gift-giving season, and we’ve just made gift subscriptions available in our online shop. For $24, you can give your friends and family a year of new issues of the The Appendix and access to our back catalog of downloadable ebook and PDF versions of issues.

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Thanks for supporting and sharing The Appendix. We hope you enjoy the holidays.

Best wishes from your Appendix co-founders,

Ben, Brian, Chris, and Felipe

British Library

Japanese illustration featuring Santa, artist unknown, 1914. Wikimedia Commons

P.S. The British Library recently gave the world its own digital Christmas present in the form of over 1,000,000 high quality images from 19th century books released into the public domain. We invite you to read our post about it and browse their database.