Issue 2.4 Cover

In Motion

The articles in this issue areabout many kinds of motion, from the sojourns of Cambodian dancers in 1906 France to the stuttering flicker of early silent film, and from the rise and fall of Brazilian hot air balloons to the travels of baby teeth earnestly dispatched by St. Louis schoolchildren in the name of Science.

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Benjamin Breen
  • Editor: Christopher Heaney, Amy Kohout
  • Managing Editor: Felipe Fernandes Cruz
  • Publisher: Brian Jones
  • Contributing Editor: Marissa Nicosia, Lydia Pyne
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Andrea Kinnison
  • Copy Editor: J.R. Jones, Shannon Nagy

Chapter 1: Humans in Motion

Chapter 2: Objects in Motion

Chapter 3: Ideas in Motion