Issue 2.3 Cover

Futures of the Past

“Futures of the Past” is an issue about how past generations have reckoned their collective futures. But it’s also about how the razor’s edge of the present comes up against the haziness of futurity, and what happens when that hazy future becomes inscribed, remembered, and—eventually—forgotten. We’re interested here in the work that the future does in shaping history—as a utopian dream, a set of collective anxieties, or simply as a story that we tell about where we come from and where we hope to end up.

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  • Editor-in-Chief: Benjamin Breen
  • Editor: Christopher Heaney, Amy Kohout
  • Managing Editor: Felipe Fernandes Cruz
  • Publisher: Brian Jones
  • Contributing Editor: Marissa Nicosia, Lydia Pyne
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Andrea Kinnison
  • Copy Editor: J.R. Jones, Shannon Nagy

Chapter 1: Bad Predictions

Chapter 2: Futures Past

Chapter 3: The Politics of the Future